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lives and works in Paris

1958           Born in France

1973           Discovered The Diary of Anne Frank

                   Visited Philippe Charlemagne painting studio

1983           M.A. in East-Asia Studies (INALCO-Paris)

1990           Ph.D. in Contemporary Chinese Studies (IEP-Paris)

1983-1995  Travelled regularly to China for research

1989-2006  Lecturer in Contemporary Chinese Studies

2004-2006  Studies ceramic sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bourges

                    with Brigitte Marionneau

2005           Met American ceramic artist Fance France

                   Met French ceramic artist Jacqueline Lerat

Public collections

Magnelli Museum, Vallauris

Chateauroux city (artist book collections)

Yad-Vashem Museum of art, Jerusalem

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